Broadcast Mountain 2020

There has been some uncertainty about who actually can and is allowed to travel to Broadcast Mountain at the turn of the month. Now YLE, SVT, NRK and TV2 have all announced that all conference activities have been cancelled. This means that we have decided to cancel this year's event. If you have any questions or suggestions for next years BM please send an email to or or


Why Åre this year?

Over the previous years we have met up at Hemsedal, Geilo, Trysil and we even had a summer gathering in Stockholm. We choose to meet a venues outside the biggest capitols because we also want people to talk together and network. Duvedgården Hotel is not your ordinary hotel, bur we are given the keys to the whole hotel and will manage our selves. Cleaning and food will be taken care of, but we need volounteers to act as concierge, bell boys, bartenders and kitchen help. This way, we can keep the costs down and highten the experience!


You are welcome to stay from Monday 30th March to Thursday 2nd April. There is no organization who benefits from this, and you only have to pay for your stay and food.


We do this so you have the opportunity to do some skiing on Monday or Thursday if you wish to. 

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 


08:00 Breakfast for those who joined us the day before


10:00 Introduction 

History of Broadcast Mountain. 

Why are we doing this? 


10:10 IP Production at NRK 

Steinar Bjørlykke presents NRK's IP report 


11:00 SVT goes IP (TBC)

Alpine World Championships 2019 and 2019 Biathlon World Championships 

SVT take us through the business case, production and technological gain. 


12:00 Lunch


13:00 Remote Audio 

Life after the audiotrucks. NRK talk about the production and experiences from the conservative sound corner. 

14:00 Next steps in the evolution of broadcast camera signal transmission and connectivity

Why wait for Vegas? News from GVG in the context "Tell, don't sell". NDA required. 

15:00 IP myths 

How should fiber be made available to our industry? Compare Norway, Sweden and Finland. Experiences?  

16:00 TV2 - Transitioning to 2110 from 2022 (TBC)

As one of the early adopters and successful implementations of SMPTE 2022, this norwegian broadcaster is planning a move to SMPTE2110 whilst playing around with NDI as well. What are the main concerns and where do they feel the main obstacles are?

Serving of drinks


17:00 Remote production on savings flares / NDI 4 (TBC)

NBC Manhattan. With the world's most expensive square foot prices, NBC had to realize their newsroom throughout the day with NDI. (Mark Gilbert?) of Sienna gives us a brief of the project. 

Dinner and networking

Wednesday 1 April 2020 


09:00 IP based infrastructure for production
Nevion presents the IP based infrastructure that is at the core of SRF’s state-of-the-art news and sports production facility in through Zurich. This project has adopted a best of breed approach integrating products from several vendors using SMPTE 2110 and NMOS. The presentation covers the benefits of this solution, key design principles and lessons learned during the implementation. 


10:00 From knit and paper clips to IP glue. 

Trippel-M shows how customer challenges are solved with software developed inhouse. 

11:00 Open Source Broadcast 

Jesper Stærkær of SuperFly TV talks about the development of Sofie. Sofie is a modern broadcast automation system in a browser! What are the major challenges traditional broadcasters have in ordering the development of broadcast tools in software? 

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Telia & 5G  

Telia tells about theory and practice. How can we as a media industry develop a sensible filter of what is realistic and what is sales talk? 

14:00 Discussion "New production houses without SDI" 

What does it take to build new infrastructure without base band and legacy constraints? What can be learned from real life experience? Let’s share success stories and dare to share the tales of disaster. Introduction by Mediability followed by interactive session.

15:00 Sony gives us a pre-NAB update

Why wait for Vegas? News from Sony in the context "Tell, don't sell". NDA required. 

16:00 Rounding up and summary 

Takeaways – what experiences can we take with us from these 2 days? 

The path from here 

17:00 Post seminar drinks

19:00 Dinner


The price per participant is 3 500,- NOK + mva. It covers accommodation and all meals. 

It will be invoiced when the application form is filled in, its transferable but non refundable.

This is a non profit event.


Getting there

You can fly to either Trondheim Værnes TRD or to Åre / Østersund OSD. If you fly to TRD you should rent a car (please buddy up, use the facebook event) (90 min).

If you fly to OSD you can take the ski bus (60 min).